Outside of the place of origin

After the discovery of the beyond and the taming of the fire - was the transition from the physics age (paleolithic / stone age), into the chemistry age (neolithic, characterized by the development of metallurgy), a primal milestone of human develpoment history. Re-shaping the natural resources to design for humankind.

The exsitu_series faces and couples these two elementary ages in a primitive implementation. A invitation to utilize nature with fundamental technical evolution for convenience.
Precambrian vs. Anthropocene

A design series that compares and connects the Precambrian, the birth of our home planet and today‘s geological human-centric Anthropocene era.

A new clay has been developed and produced especially for the GEOPRIMITIVE_series in collaboration with ceramic engineers. The composition and thermic qualities of the clay, including under extreme atmospheric conditions, allow for these unique tectonic sculptures.

The tectonics of the objects characterize the structure, the constructive elements relate to the laws of the structure inherent in the work of art, its statics, its self-assembly and the recognizability of load-bearing, burdening and supporting parts.
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