In his daily life, Niclas Wolf is deeply connected to the natural world. By searching and recording all of the elements that touches him, he designs the earth‘s resources in order that the invisible becomes material.

His work is all about experimentation, all of his pieces are filled with layers made up of everything that surrounds them.

Tectonic structures and geological phenomena are great sources of inspiration. The collections are the speculative results of an ongoing investigation into how formative processes in nature can be adapted into creative methods.

Niclas Wolf artist


Winter Season Show, 2024
Urs von Unger | Gstaad, Switzerland

Summer Exhibition, 2023
Urs von Unger | Paris, France

Paris Design Week, 2023
Obumex & Atelier Ecru | Paris, France

Summer Show, 2023
Nathalie Deboel & Atelier Ecru | Knokke, Belgium

Winter Season Show, 2023
Urs von Unger | Gstaad, Switzerland

Desacralized, Milan Design Week, 2023
Galerie Philia | Milan, Italy

WKA Penthouse, 2022
Bruno Spaas Architecture & Atelier Ecru | Antwerp, Belgium

Magellan, 2022
Atelier Ecru | Knokke, Belgium

Jean Nouvel : Racines Aériennes, 2022
Galerie Philia & Rivere Group | Saint-Jean-Cap-Ferrat, France

Héritages, 2022
Galerie Philia | Marseilles, France

Moving Traces 07, 2022
Atelier Ecru | Antwerp, Belgium

Cabinet de Virtuosités II, 2022
Galerie Philia | Paris, France

Winter Season Show, 2022
Urs von Unger | Gstaad, Switzerland

Cabinet de Virtuosités, 2021
Galerie Philia | Paris, France

Abi Chelsea Penthhouse Exhibition, 2021
Galerie Philia | New York, U.S

The Walker Tower Exhibition, 2021
Galerie Philia | New York, U.S

Winter Season Show, 2021
Urs von Unger | Gstaad, Switzerland


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